Brick restoration includes many things.  It can mean replacing cracked or broken brick.  It can mean replacing or rebuilding bulging or shifted brick or even discolored brick, but in the end what you want is for the brick to be fixed and leaving the wall the way it looked when it was first built.  We always try to match the new brick to the old brick as much as possible.  There is nothing worse then fixing your wall and spending all that money only to have 2 or more different colors of brick in one area making the building look horrible. 

We try and use as much as the original brick (that is still in good condition) as much as possible.  This way we can straighten out a wall and still have all the brick matching.  Realistically, all the original brick can never be used.   This is why we have several different material suppilers and brick yards that we go to in order to find a brick that matches as close as possible to your original; brick, so that your home or building looks the best it can look. 


Call Bruno construction for your brick restoration needs
There are interesting problems with unique challenges in a high rise repair job. By their very nature, they are difficult and require very skilled personnel. No matter what kind of building you have, you are going to need some level of repair. To from simple stone work all the way through brick restoration, these are not jobs that you need to do yourself. And add to that the fact that a high rise repair is going to require work extremely high above ground, then you can see why you will need to retain the skills of an expert when you do your brick restorations.
Bruno construction is not only skilled in the ends and outs of masonry, they will go out of their way to understand your needs and maintain a good relationship with any tenants and owners of the building. Especially in the case of high rise repair, this kind of pre-planning will go a long way to the successful completion of the job. It even something as seemingly simple as brick restoration requires a technical understanding of both people and brick to have a successful outcome.

But as in any job, there is going to be unexpected problems. The Bruno construction company has been in the business long enough that not only can they deal with the problem when it occurs; they can anticipate many of them so that you will not have the problem in the first place. Unexpected faults in the construction can cause delays, and the weather is always a factor. The professionals at Bruno are ready for any contingency. Brick restoration should not take that long even when it is done as part of a high rise repair. The experienced professionals at the construction company know what they need to look for when they are doing brick repair. They are ready immediately to begin a specific procedure whether it is Tuckpointing, washing, or even a lintel replacement job.

You will be pleased to know that this company specializes in brick restoration. That is a very specialized skill which requires a great deal of preparation as well as competent execution. They can replace the damaged or worn-out bricks, and they will go out of their way to make sure that the bricks are the same style as any brick around the repairs. In a high rise repair, you will come to appreciate all the care because the building itself is in many ways an important billboard for your company.

Setting aesthetics aside for a moment, Bruno Construction Company will see how deep the cracks are and what can be done about it. If the work is begun in time, and the cracks are small, a simple Tuckpointing job should do the trick. But you are going to retain a company that will be able to deal with anything that is required when they do brick restoration. In a high rise, repairs can occasionally be more complex. That is why you are hiring a company with the experience and the skill as Bruno construction.