Critical repairs are the repairs that the engineer will recommend to the city that will need to be done by a certain date.  These repairs can include everything from tuckpointing, to brick rebuilding, brick replacement, lintel replacement, shelf angle replacement, brick restoration work,  stone work and anything else the engineer may find in need of repair in order to keep the building safe.  Lucky for you,  we can do all these things and more.  Our prices are very low and our standards are very high.  We can work side by side with your engineer and get all the critical repairs fixed on your building in a timely manner  and on budget so you can avoid having to go to court and explain to the judge as to why the repairs were not done.  Give us a call today and we can take care of everything from finding you an engineer, getting the inspection done for you, and if the price is right, we can also obtain the permits and take care of the critical repairs for you right away and make your building safe for the tenants and the pedestrians below.

Critical building repairs made easy
When the situation calls for critical building inspections, most people worry that it is going to be a very long, drawn out process. Buildings, especially high rise buildings, are complex structures. But you cannot take anything at face value, especially if you think the inspection is going to lead to critical building repairs. It does not matter if you are involved with your first building or your hundredth building, you will have to start the process as if it has never been done before. Sometimes, state and Federal regulation will make each and every inspection critical building inspections. This can occur before anybody swings a hammer. And given the level of the investment that you are making in a building, every repair is on some level a critical building repair.
In fact, many repairs have to follow strict guidelines. There are many mandates from state and Federal agencies that take a simple job and make it critical. Building inspections have to be conducted by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who understand the realities of construction as well as governmental requirements. The professionals at Bruno construction are perfectly comfortable in dealing with both sides of the equation. They know what a critical building repair is and they know what factors are made critical by building regulations.

While it is suggested that you prepare a list of the things that need to be inspected, the professionals will usually start at the roof and move down to the outside walls, the doors and windows, then move to interior walls, wiring, plumbing, and heating and air. They will even include large appliance. These are all part of critical building inspection. While you may think this is overkill, in the eyes of an inspector, each one of these steps is critical. Building repair should not begin until you had this level of oversight from an experienced inspector.

Structurally, the walls, doors and windows should get special attention. The case of a brick building, the mortar and bricks should be added to the list. The walls should be devoid of cracks either great or small. Don't ignore small cracks; they tend to grow together and become even larger cracks. The doors and windows should move smoothly and not have any cracks around their edges. This will not only let you pass a critical building inspection, but it will be important in keeping your power bills at a manageable level. Proper repair of these kinds of cracks is really a critical building repair that too many people overlook. They will not be overlooked, however, by either Federal inspectors or inspectors hired by a bank.
To complete the circle, you will need a company who can work with an inspector about repairing any of the damage. These problems are not insurmountable. If you have retained a company like Bruno construction, they are more than qualified to deal with the inspection and any critical repairs your building may have to have. Bruno Construction Company is very good at working with your needs and keeping things under budget. They can recommend a qualified engineer to work on your project and that they can give you a quote on how expensive the repairs will be.