Bruno Next Generation Construction, Inc. specializes in high rise repair of buildings 8 stories and higher, but thats not to say we won't work on a 1 story single family house.  We simply specializes in High Rise Repair.  We can fix all your masonry needs from tuckpointing, brick work, stone work, lintel replacement, shelf angle replacement, brick restoration, power washing and any other high rise repair you may need.  We are a licensed mason contractor with the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  If your High Rise is in need of repair or you need a critical inspection or need critical repairs done, just give us a call and we'll take care of the rest.

If you need a high rise repair, you need Bruno construction
High rise repair and brick restoration is not something that the amateur should attempt on his own. You will need qualified people and experience staff, like the ones you will find at the Bruno construction. This construction group is licensed and ready to deal with buildings that exceed eight stories in height. Don't let this fact fool you, however. They work on smaller buildings with the same degree of care and skill as they work on a high rise. The need for brick restoration can occur in a single family dwelling or in a high rise. Repair is a necessity for any homeowner. Please remember that these kinds of cracks are much more than a cosmetic problem. It can lead to serious structural issues. And structural issues on a high rise building are a problem for everyone.
Each building is unique and will bring with it a unique set of problems. Brick restoration is needed when a building gets older, and high rise repair can happen on buildings and any age. Bruno Construction Company can do tuckpointing, stone work, lintel repair or any level of masonry that you require. They will take careful care of your home or your place of business. They will go through several steps.

First, the experts at Bruno construction will assess the situation. They will need to find out not only what kind of cracking you have in the walls, but how extensive the damage is. And high rise repair brings with it certain realities that have to be defined before they can begin work. If it is a case a brick restoration, they will need to not only understand the problem but understand the architectural needs of you, your building and your community.

Next, these professionals will assess cost of the project and talk with you, the owner, before they begin. The needs of high rise repair call for use of the best materials, just like brick restoration. This will occur before the masons go to the job site. Their experienced staff has been doing this for many years and they will be very professional, but before they begin, they have to understand you and the job. Bruno construction company will go out of its way to ensure that this happens before you ever seen a work crew.

Brick restoration is a big part of their business. Whether in a high-rise or a one family building, then needs and the decisions about the brick will be in place before they began. Brick color can change over time and they are capable of replacing it with new brick or finding a brick that matches the rest of the facade. These masons are very well versed in what is necessary to get the same kind of brick so that it maintains the look of your building. They are ready to do this in the case of high rise repair or for a general brick restoration job.
Bruno Construction Company has a long professional relationship with many suppliers who will help the masons choose the right bricks before they begin the work. It is one reason to seek out an experienced company like this. The masons and staff of the Bruno construction company will go out of their way to ensure that you have a pleasant experience before they begin work, while they are working, and after they are finished