Not many people outside the construction field know this, but bricks do not actually hover above your window and door openings.  There is actually a piece of steel right underneath the brick holding them in place.  The steel there is called a lintel, and from time to time they do need to be replaced.  Failing to replace them can lead to water infiltration or collapse of the wall section itself.  There are a few ways to tell if a lintel needs to be replaced.  If there is a crack leading from the corner of a window or door opening through the joints or even cracking the brick, then your lintel is probably in need of replacing.  Another way to tell is if the steel is no longer straight, but has a belly on it or looks kind of like a smile.  Then the lintel defenitly needs to be replaced.  Certain contractors will actually tuckpoint this space between the steel and masonry.  This is not the correct or even safe way to fix your lintel problem. 

If the joint between the steel and masonry above has been tuckpointed and is more then 3/8" thick, then more then likely the lintel does need replacing.  Tuckpointing the joint between the steel lintel and brick or even caulking it will not allow the water to properly drain from the wall causing water infiltration into the structure.  There should not be just a piece of steel lintel above your masonry openings.  There also needs to be flashing, a termination bar holding the flashing in place, a drip edge, and even a weep system.  All these help water to drain from the wall properly.  No need to worry,  we can install all these items and specify that specifically in our contract with you, so there is no doubt the work will be done the correct, proper and professional way. 


The ease of high rise repair and lintel replacement
If you asked around, you would find very few people who know what a lintel is. You are more likely to get an answer associated with cooking than you would one with high rise repair. For the building owner, lintel replacement is a vital part of building maintenance and restoration of old buildings. In a brick house, there it is a piece of metal surrounding the doors and window. Those are lintels. And as a building ages and inevitably settles, the building owner is going to have to contract was someone for lintel replacement. The case of a high rise repair job, this can get rather tricky. It may look like the bricks are resting on a door or window frame, but actually it's the lintel that is completing the seal and are an important element in any brick building.
A lintel is a shelf that the bricks can rest on. The problem is that these things are exposed to the changes in weather like the rest of the brick wall. In a lot of buildings, you may never see the lintel because it is covered with mortar. And the case of a high rise repair job, it may be so high up, that you will never see it. However, if it ages or corrodes, it can bring cracks to the entire wall. A crack in a brick wall can start small but then it can grow as a wall settles and changes over the years. This is why lintel replacement is a common occurrence.

A broken or corroded lintel is a way that water can get into a wall and then as it freezes and expands through the seasons, it will put pressure on the wall from the inside. And the higher the wall, the more likely you are going to need high rise repair. There can be greater temperature variations in tall buildings that do not exist in single story buildings. Although, being an one story dwelling does not prevent you from having to have lintel replacement. For the layman, this is a very difficult job and you should do yourself a favor and find a way to make it easy.

You will need skilled craftsmen and experienced masons to finish this work and make sure you have an easy time. You need to look for company that specializes in both high rise repair and lintel replacement. This way, you will get the best of both worlds even if you are dealing with a single story building. High rises, by their very nature, have a lot of unexpected problems arise with any repair job. If you contact a company like Bruno construction, they will assess what needs to be done and know all the infrastructure requirements before they ever begin work. They will start by looking at what needs to be repaired in order to maintain the safety of the building. Then they will be happy to talk to you about aesthetic concerns and the kind of look you want your building to portray. They are masters both the technical needs of masonry and the appearance of your brick wall. They are knowledgeable about all the legal and regulatory requirements necessary to work on high rise repairs. Their customer service is very good and you will be pleased if you need anything from a complete restoration of a wall or something that is relatively simple as lintel replacement.