Tuckpointing is the process of refilling  the joints between the brick, block, or stones that make up a structure.  Over time the mortar between the masonry units may simply wash away do to the weather.  The mortar joints may also crack due to the movement or settling of a building or structure causing areas where water and insects may enter.  Tuckpointing is a very important part in the proper maintenance of a building. The more mortar you can place into a joint the better and longer it will last. This is why prior to tuckpointing we always recommend to have the joints ground out to a certain depth, usually 3/4" deep.  During the grinding of the joints a lot of dust is produced, but not to worry, we always use special vacuums connected to our grinders that collect almost all the dust in order to prevent as much of a nussaince for you as possible. 
Grinding and tuckpointing your building gives you many benefits, including making the structure water tight, safe and even improves the look of the building.  There are many different colors the joints may be.  The colors range from, white to gray and yellow to red, and everything in between.  We can always give you our recommendation as to what color to chose, but the final decision is always the clients.

Tuckpointing: increasing the life of your building
Regardless of the type of building, as it gets older, it will go through many changes. Most of these changes are inevitable as the very chemical makeup of mortar and brick undergoes changes as they age. Brick masonry, although one of the most beautiful and durable building styles, does fall prey to the ravages of time. That is why the practice of tuckpointing is so valuable. In a high-rise building, the very weight of a wall will exert a downward force that will crack the mortar and brick. Masonry has to be maintained and brick restoration is a valuable thing for any property owner. And when you have someone do tuckpointing before a problem gets out of hand, you will avoid drastic problems and expensive repairs and the future.
The changes in brick walls are usually related to weather exposure. These changes in brick masonry can be both chemical and physical. The moisture in the air will react with the components of both the brick and the mortar. Granted, it will take a relatively long time for this to happen. But buildings do tend to age at a much slower rate than people or pets. tuckpointing, however, will in extend the life of a brick wall and deal with problems when they are a simple matter. The theory behind tuckpointing is very simple. You're going to fill in the cracks in a brick wall with either fresh mortar, clay, or putty. Technically, the mason will scrape away around a ¾ of an inch of mortar and then push in the fresh mortar into the crack.

Brick masonry over 200 years old shows evidence of tuckpointing. What began as a stylistic element quickly grew into one of the more important things that you have to do in order to maintain brick masonry. In those days, it was a necessity because they could not guarantee uniformity between bricks. Tuckpointing allowed the mason to even up the look and make a brick wall with a smooth finish. Safety began to become a factor as these walls aged and younger masons were asked to repair the older walls. It is one reason why building inspections should be the cornerstone of buildings when you are dealing with brick masonry. When cracks and crazing are discovered when small, the process of repair is very simple and very easy to do and is very cost effective.

When you contract with a company like Bruno construction, you can deal with professionals who understand the differences between the high quality bricks and know a way to get the most at out of your brick wall. Tuckpointing is just one of the many tools that they have in their arsenal. From brick restoration, where the choice of a brick with the right combination of shale and clay is important, to the shape and color you desire, the professionals at Bruno will be more than happy to take on your construction project. Their masons are skilled in a procedure that will not only make your building look better, but it will increase the look and the safety of your investment. That is one of the advantages you have when you deal with a company with the reputation and the experience of Bruno next generation construction.